Jeff Stobie provides home sale services to sellers in Pierce and King counties of Washington State. These sellers save with Jeff Stobie! Why?

Menu of Choices

The “Menu of Choices” is Jeff’s response to the fact that not all home sellers need to spend a huge amount of money to sell their home. With Jeff, you simply:

  1. Look at the Menu of Choices
  2. Choose your preferred listing program
  3. Then let Jeff do the rest!

Money Saver Program

Jeff’s “Money Saver Program” is designed to potentially save sellers thousands of dollars in real estate fees.

Example: You sell your home at $300,000.

  • With a traditional 5% commission, you would pay $15,000 in fees. By choosing the “Money Saver Program,” you would save $5100!
  • Compared to a traditional 6% commission, your savings would jump to $8100!

$300,000 Home Sale


Total Savings

5% Commission



6% Commission



Money Saver Program


Contact Jeff Stobie today to find out more about his “Menu of Choices,” and how much money you could save on your home sale by utilizing his “Money Saver Program!”
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