Ride the Sounder to the Mariners Games!

Courtesy Sound Transit

Although the Seattle Mariners have played some lousy baseball the last 5 years or so, Western Washington residents still love going to beautiful Safeco Field on a gorgeous Washington afternoon to enjoy a game.

Even if a friend gives you free tickets, however, the cost of attending a game can be pretty steep, particularly for residents of Pierce County.Depending on the vehicle you drive, you can expect to fork over at least $20 in gas money by driving to Seattle and back. The same goes for parking by the stadium; $20 might even be a bargain at some lots!

For Pierce County residents, however, there is a cheaper and more stress free alternative: ride the Sounder to the Mariners game!

The Sounder offers select game day service directly to Safeco Field and takes about an hour to reach from the Puyallup and Sumner depots. Adult roundtrip tickets cost $8.50, while kids and seniors ride at a reduced rate.

Don’t forget that Orting residents can reach the Sumner depot in less than 10 minutes!

Think about it… no parking fees, no traffic, no stress…  the Sounder is a great choice for anyone who needs to travel to Seattle.


For more information on ticket prices and schedules, visit the Sound Transit website.

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