Hiring a Short Sale Specialist

Going through the short sale process, both as a buyer but particularly as a seller, can be one of the most stressful ordeals many people will experience. Just like you would want a skilled and qualified attorney if you’re involved in a legal matter, so too should you desire that skill and experience when hiring a short sale specialist.

What You Should Look For in Your Agent Search

  1. Experience – There are many agents in the marketplace, but not all have the knowledge and experience necessary to be a short sale specialist. Look for an agent who has at least a few (preferably more) successful short sales under his or her belt.
  2. Education – A true short sale specialist is an agent who seeks out and obtains a short sale designation (such as Certified Distressed Property Expert®) that gives them more insight into the short sale process and how to successfully help their clients get a sale.
  3. Contacts – It always pays to know someone. A large part of what makes a short sale specialist a cut above the rest is that he or she knows who to contact at the banks, title companies, county government, etc., to expedite the process to make it go as smoothly and quickly as possible.
You can read a brief description about short sales here at Jeff Stobie’s website. Jeff is also a short sale specialist, holding the designation of Certified Distressed Property Expert®.
If you are in need of assistance in selling your home via a short sale, or simply need some questions answered, contact Jeff today and he’ll be happy to do what he can for you.


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