Capitol Hill home sold in 4 days

Capitol Hill home sold in 4 days!  I sold this home in 4 days on Capitol Hill and saved my clients over $13,000 in commissions compared to a traditional 6% listing.  How did I do that?  With myMoney Saver program.   With an $895.00 up front fee I offer a 3% total commission listing agreement.  This offers a substantial savings over traditional agreements and allows you the homeowner to price your home more competetively.

Why continue to pay so much to sell your home?  Why keep giving away what little equity you have left?   Will every home sell in 4 days under this program?  No.  But in this ultra competetive seller’s market you need every advantage you can get and pricing properly is the most important thing you can do.  Higher commissions mean higher prices or less in your pocket.

How do I do it?  By lowering the overall overhead of my company for myself and my agents, we have the ability to pass those savings onto the homeowners.  When I worked for a large company (the top sales office in Pierce County 5 years in a row) I paid them close to $20,000 per year!  Many companies charge more than that to their agents so agents do not have the flexibility to work with homeowners on commission charges.  We do!  Your Choice Real Estate NW……”We Charge Le$$…..You Keep More…..”

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