Autumn Home Maintenance

With the gorgeous, nearly perfect weather we’ve been having in Western Washington lately, it’s difficult to imagine the blustery, rain filled days that are only a few weeks away. If you’ve lived in the area for even a few Northwest Autumns, though, you know just how quickly the seasons change here.

Summer is a popular season for selling a home because, among other reasons, it’s fairly easy to maintain your home’s street appeal. The trees, bushes, and flowers do their part simply by being in full bloom, and all the homeowner usually needs to do is keep the lawn mowed.

Autumn home maintenance takes a little more work. The main culprit? Leaves. There are a lot of trees in Washington, and leaves will be everywhere in October. Keep the leaves raked up at least once a week and placed out of sight in your compost container. A sprinkling of one or two day’s worth of leaves on a green lawn looks charming; a week’s worth of decomposing leaves is quite the opposite.

Autumn is also the start of our “rainy” season, and that means gutters need attention. The leaves are the problem here as well, so clean those gutters often until the trees are all bare.

The wind has a nasty habit of pulling gutters and downspouts off the house, and nothing screams “run-down” like a broken gutter. If that happens to your home, get it fixed as soon as possible.

The tips above should suffice for the majority of homes, and don’t cost much outside of physical labor. With the proper maintenance, many homes carry more street appeal in the Fall than they do in the Summer.

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