3 Reasons How Landscaping Adds Home Value

One of the benefits to living in the Northwest is all of our rain.

Wait… say that again?

While it can get a bit grey during the Winter, all those light, rainy days we have give Western Washington a lush and vibrant Summer that is one of the most beautiful in the entire country. Unlike much of the rest of the nation, we rarely deal with Summers of dying lawns, drooping trees, and water shortages.

For that reason, it’s amazing how many people don’t take advantage of our landscaping paradise and maintain their home’s green space. Here are 3 reasons how landscaping adds home value.

3. Energy Efficiency

While our Summers are rarely sweltering infernos, they’re certainly a far cry from life in the North Pole. Having a pair of mature trees can make a world of difference on those hot days, shielding your home from the brunt of the sun’s heat, and keeping that air conditioner from working overtime.

2. Home Security

A row of rose bushes in bloom is a beautiful sight, and one you often see planted below first story windows of many homes. “Every rose has it’s thorn,” and any burglar trying to break into your home through that window will will get a nasty surprise from every last one of those thorns.

1. Street Appeal

Landscaping is an investment that, when given proper attention, will grow and thrive as time goes on. Even a small period of a time – say 7 years – will make a big difference in the appearance of trees and shrubbery.

Like a good coat of paint, fine landscaping starts potential buyers off on a happy note, giving them a good impression of your house before they even set foot in the front door. A good first impression increases the odds of a faster sale, and no matter what  the market is at the time, homes that sell faster almost always sell for the highest possible price.

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